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Patent Attorney

Annie Wang earned a Bachelor’s degree in Microelectronics Engineering. She is a qualified patent attorney in China.

Annie started her IP career as an examiner in China National Intellectual Property Administration (“CNIPA”) in 2001. She was Deputy Division Director of Electronics Components Department of CNIPA, Director of Electronics Invention Patent Examination of Patent Examination Cooperation Guangdong Center of CNIPA, and one of the Quality Inspection Experts of CNIPA. She was awarded as one of excellent patent analyzers and one of the best organizers of patent analysis. She was qualified as a patent attorney in 2015 and was appointed as one of the technical investigators by Beijing Intellectual Property Court in 2018.

Annie has extensive experiences on all aspects of patent works which are not limited to patent prosecution, re-examination, invalidation, enforcement, license, patent analysis and searches. She specializes in the fields of electronic circuit, telecommunication, software, mechanical and materials, and serves a lot of foreign and domestic companies.

Annie is a member of the All-China Patent Agents Association. Her working languages are English and Chinese.