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Managing Partner / Patent Attorney / Litigation Attorney

Dr. Susan Chi worked in the Patent Re-examination Board (“PRB”) of the China Intellectual Property AdministrationSIPO as a patent re-examiner between Year 2001-2004 and practiced with a leading IP law firm in Hong Kong between Year 2006-2014 as a China patent attorney and a litigation attorney. She has B.E. in electronics engineering, LL.B., LL.M. and PhD degrees in law. She mainly works in the fields of electronics and mechanics engineering and serves technologicalR&D companies, and international law firms, universities and research institutes.

Susan’s professional experiences comprise China invention, utility model, and design patent prosecution, invalidation and litigation especially in the areas of information technology, semiconductor, electronics materials, power and electronics system and devices, computer science, mechanical devices, photonics, wireless communication, construction, etcand Hong Kong patent, trade mark and design prosecution. She also serves R&D companies for their IP strategies and management of their worldwide IP portfolios. Other than patent prosecution cases, she has successfully presented both patent invalidation petitioner and patentee in front of the PRB for invention and utility model patents and also has promoted comprises of invention patent infringement cases. She also provides expert opinions on China invention patent prosecution for a professional negligence lawsuit in Hong Kong which is compromised in the end. Since 2010, she becomes the leading attorney in the mechanical and electronic field by providing services on China patents for universities, public research institutes and private sectors in Hong Kong, international law firms and technical companies.

She founded HNC in 2014, which she still manages today and became INTA member and FICPI member respectively in the year of 2016 and 2017.