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Founder / Patent Attorney

Chengbai CHI earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physical oceanography from Ocean University of China. He qualified as a patent attorney in 1985.

Chengbai was the Former Deputy Director of Qingdao Intellectual Property Office (1985-2004), founder and director of Qingdao Patent Service Center, i.e. Qingdao Lianzhi Patent and Trademark Office before 2001, China Patent Attorney since 1985. He managed local patent legislation, policy making, enforcement, and administrative affairs of both Qingdao Intellectual Property Office and Qingdao Patent Service Center, leading Qingdao Patent Service Center to become the largest IP firm in Shandong Province, China considering both the number of patent attorneys and cases. Chengbai was awarded by the State Science and Technology Commission, China Ministry of Justice, Qingdao Government, China SIPO and China ACPAA for his contributions.